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Network Performance & Analytics

Monitor your entire IT infrastructure with PRTG Network Monitor. You have full insight into your network and its performance to ensure that all business-critical components of your IT infrastructure run smoothly. Get an overview of thousands of devices and systems across multiple locations with PRTG Enterprise Monitor.

Servers are the backbone of your business. To minimize downtime and to ensure peak performance of your website and services, constant monitoring of your server infrastructure and your data center is vital.
By tracking the uptime, health, disk space and performance of your servers, you can prevent outages and identify bandwidth hogs. In addition, you are laying the foundation for delivering a great service to your customers, through a fast-loading and constantly available website.

Determine how much bandwidth your devices and applications are using and identify the source of bottlenecks.  

Sensors Support :

  • Packet Sniffer
  • SNMP
  • NetFlow V5 , V9 , IPFIX , jFlow , sFlow
  • Cisco ASA VPN
  • etc ..


Database availability and database performance are vital elements to your business’s operations. PRTG queries data from your database without lengthy query, connection, or return times. The execution time of the entire database request is displayed on your PRTG dashboard at all times. PRTG can monitor and specific datasets from your databases, like no other database monitoring tools do, with individually-configured PRTG sensors and SQL queries that you define yourself. These datasets may come from the ticket database or online shop (see examples). Such database monitoring will enable you to optimize your business procedures and provide employees with important information.

PRTG helps you to keep control over all your applications. You gain a concise overview on individual dashboards as well as detailed statistics about every application running in your network. If desired, you get a prompt alert whenever PRTG discovers a defined status (e.g. application doesn’t respond or web server is offline). This allows you to react quickly before problems become severe.

Centrally monitor and manage all your cloud computing services from anywhere. Do you use certain cloud computing services in a variety of locations worldwide? Then check service accessibility and performance from your own particular location with our Cloud HTTP v2 sensor. Our PRTG clouds are located in Asia, Europe, and the USA. You’ll be able to determine response times from all over the world.

  • Amazon CloudWatch
  • Microsoft OneDrive 
  • Dropbox Monitoring
  • Google Analytics Monitoring
  • Azure sensors
  • Google Drive Monitoring
  • other ..

SolarWinds is Lifecycle Monitoring for Hybrid IT Environments Understand steps for optimal IT health and performance. The Solarwinds’ Orion Network Performance Monitor is designed to help you locate, troubleshoot and fix network performance issues and downtime. Orion NPM gives a top-down view of the network, mapping out various data points for analysis.


Get 360° of Visibility into Network Health in a Heartbeat. We provides a centralized vantage point for network performance across all of the Observer Performance Management Platform. It combines flow technologies, captured packets, system health, and expert analysis to provide an overall picture of service health and integrated views of application, network, and infrastructure performance to ensure critical business processes function smoothly and IT organizational goals are supported.


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