Axigen Collaboration Suite

Axigen’s high-performance mail server technology is specifically built to provide you with fast and secure email communication (via Axigen SmartProcessingTM and Axigen GrowSecureTM), while ensuring effective space management (via intelligent Axigen UltraStorageTM).

For Business

Manage your email, organize and share calendars, sync your mobile devices, all based on a secure and powerful mail server. The perfect answer for businesses of all sizes.

For MSPs
Acquire new customers by offering a premium email server solution with a high degree of flexibility, allowing you to automate it within your existing infrastructure.

For Service Providers
Offer your customers secure, business-level email hosting with various value added services. An excellent solution for SPs, suitable for thousands to millions of users.

Mail Features & Benefits : 

  • Groupware (includes shared folders, permissions, public folders)
  • Personal Organizer (Calendar / Tasks / Notes / Journal)
  • Local & remote access
    • MS Outlook, with groupware access – via Outlook Connector
    • Standard Email Clients – via IMAP (Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.)
    • Ajax WebMail NEW – brandable & localized; WebMail interface for mobile phones
    • Push Email & PIM Synchronization for 5 users via MS Exchange ActiveSync
  • Server Administration (Web Administration and Command Line)
    • User Management; Comprehensive reports, statistics, logging
    • Security policies, multiple AntiVirus & AntiSpam support
    • Backup & Restore
    • Automatic Migration
    • Delegated Admin; Front-end / Back-end servers; RHCS, LDAP integration
  • Push Email & PIM Synchronization via MS Exchange ActiveSync NEW add-on
  •  Clustering support – for large scale solutions
  • Commtouch Real Time AntiSpam Protection



  • Multiple AntiVirus & AntiSpam support
  • Anti-Impersonation policies 
  • Access Control / Whitelisting / Blacklisting Restrict maximum simultaneous connections
  • Selectively restrict maximum messages size
  • Encryption & Authentication
  • Secure Password Enforcement
  • SPF, DomainKeys compliant
  • Country filtering
  • Security Policies

AXIGEN is an easy, secure and powerful mail server based on innovative technologies providing unmatched manageability for system administrators. We offers excellent email functionality for organizations of all sizes, including hosted providers,

OS Support : Windows Server 2003/ 2008 or Latest, RedHat Enterprise, Fedora (PowerPC), CentOS, SuSE, Gentoo, Novell, Ubuntu, Debian, Mandriva, Slackware, Yellow Dog (PowerPC), FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris (x86, SPARC)

Screenshot :

Contact : 

Email :

Line ID: @network365

Phone : 02-049-4059 , 081-657-0932





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